The English Film Club

Talking Movies at the Volkshochschule

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The English Language Film Club puts film at the heart of language learning.

Comprehensive homework exercises, background information on the stars, interviews with famous directors and some of the greatest films of all time. You'll simply love watching and talking about the great movies.

We have two regular courses; Monday and Friday at 18:00.
We also have a weekend course
Introduction to Film (for dates see the details).

Film have long been considered a great source of entertainment, but it is also perfect for language learning. One of film’s great strengths is its immersive quality- it replicates the experience of "being" there: London, New York, Ireland, Australia, or even on a space ship heading to Mars.

Movie-based learning makes you an incredible listener. You develop an ear for pronunciations, dictions, dialects, etc. You also pick up phrases and slangs by completing the homework exercises and then watching movies which wouldn’t be possible through formal learning.

Our regular course has three elements. All students are expected to complete and take part in all three

  • Homestudy
  • Watching a movie
  • Discussing the movie

Homestudy will improve your vocabulary, reading, and listening skills

Each week you will receive, via email, a PDF file with comprehensive details about the upcoming film. The document contains a list of major characters, plot summary, key dialogue, and a 30-50 key word vocabulary exercise. If available, you will also be sent interesting background information on the film as well as web links to any interviews, directors' commentaries etc. You should allow 2-3 hours to complete the Homestudy

Watching a movie will improve your vocabulary, reading, and listening skills

Doors are open 15 minutes before screening. Use this time to check the vocabulary exercises and speak with other members about the the homestudy document (5-10 min).

Discussing the movie will improve your conversation skills

After watching the film you will be put in pairs (2 people) and asked to contribute to a conversation about aspects of the film including any interesting points of language. (15-20 mins-time permitting).

Students need a minimum level of B1 to take part in the Film Club.

For further information feel free to call the VHS-Sprachberatung 0421 361-18401 or

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